Charleston Ranked #1

It has long been known that Charleston, South Carolina is where you go for culture and a good time. Whether taking one of the many walking tours around the city or exploring the dozens of art galleries, Charleston has more to offer than any little city in the United States. It’s exactly because of this that for the fifth year in a row, Charleston has won the greatest award you can give a bustling mini-metropolis.

David MantekThe reigning champion of the best small city award, Charleston has been voted the number one small city for tourists to enjoy and explore when visiting South Carolina. Based on a scale that considers all a city’s amenities, over 128,000 people participated in the voting. Local culture, friendliness, shopping and scenery are all taken into account during the voting process. Crushing their competition, Charleston has blown past New Mexico, Santa Fe, and Park City. Since 2011, Charleston has rested in this coveted position atop this list, and there are several contributing factors that make this feat a possibility.

One of the greatest draws to the America’s south is the rich and storied architecture. Buildings that date back to the century’s turn line the streets like common suburban houses in Charleston. Calling thousands every year to take a journey back to America’s past, The Battery is where many go to taste a piece of what life was like all those years ago. Bed-and-breakfasts, Civil War relics, and views of the water that will stop you in your tracks; It’s no wonder South Carolina is such a destination for so many.

Looking to continue the tradition of offering their visitors everything they could want, Charleston remains a staple of American tradition. Echoing a bygone era of antiquity and grace, this southern belle is sure to entertain any who are willing to wander into its loving embrace.