Beauty & Tech: Pretty Streets App Exposes Beautiful Walking Routes

South Carolina for Beginners- 10 Things to See When in South Carolina - David MantekThe ‘Pretty Streets’ app is a nomadic and remarkable tool that offers city slickers and urban explorers an opportunity to seek out beautiful walking routes.

The mobile application judges which urban streets offer the best itineraries for city explorers, helping them to unearth a city’s best-key secrets. Rather than exposing the shortest route, the route planner unique offers sidewalk warriors the most enjoyable path to a destination. The platform prides itself in its ability to transform any walk into a delightful stroll, as well as an ability to revolutionize the way we walk through numerous breakthrough innovations. These innovative efforts include the capacity to suggest looping itineraries, which adapts to your time availability. As well as the possibility of designing simple A-to-B walking tour itineraries.

Advanced technology and community contribution collaborate for the purpose of identifying and mapping the most beautiful places in the world. The algorithm applied to the ‘pretty streets finder’ manages to analyze and synthesize geo-located urban data. Information is gathered from ships, city maps, geo-located pictures, monuments, terraces, leafy streets, and/or road traffic. Amateur photographers and city walkers can manually highlight well-ranked pretty streets, secret places, and monuments.

Currently, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, New York, Paris, Dublin, and San Francisco are featured on the app, but Pretty Streets intends to add new cities on a weekly basis, which means that one day, the app will feature one of the countless beautiful destinations in South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Kiawah Island, Kershaw, Greenville, Hilton Head, Hunting Island, Ehrhardt, and Sumter. More than that, there are 60 audio stories available in Paris, which spices up any given city walk. Lovers of Paris are able to drink down dozens of historical stories, including focusing on the first ever recorded car attack, the liberation of Paris, the fake countess serial killer, and other incredible adventures.  

The technology was developed by former and current students of the EPITA school of computer science and information technology. The two co-founders Fabrice Gibelin and Benoît Germond launched the app because of a need to offer a valuable global map that documents and lists beautiful places.

Below, learn the names of some the incredible places that you’ll likely stumble across when the Pretty Streets app finally comes to South Carolina:

St. Johns Island, South Carolina: John’s Island is the largest island in South Carolina. There, you’ll find Johns Island Presbyterian Church, Mullet Hall Equestrian Center, the Battle of Charleston Reenactment, and Angel Oak. Angel Oak is a live Southern live oak tree that’s approximately 400 to 1500 years old. The measurement of the tree is 65 ft tall, with a trunk circumference of 25.5 ft.

The Battery is located in Charleston, South Carolina, and it’s a landmark defensive seawall and promenade. The historical destination spans the length of the Charleston peninsula. The tourist destination is attractive because of antebellum homes, and structural entities.

“The Busted Plug Plaza” is located in Columbia, SC, and it’s an installation designed by artist Blue Sky. Known as the world’s largest fire hydrant. The piece of art is nearly 40 feet tall, it weighs 675,000 pounds, and purportedly can survive a direct hit by a tornado, according to some publications.

To learn more about beautiful places located in South Carolina, stay tuned!