South Carolina Real Estate Agent Capitalizes On Presidential Frustrations

CoYkuCVW8AAbgBgSouth Carolina real estate agent Jeff Cook is now capitalizing on the frustration of Charleston citizens over the limited choices when it comes to presidential candidates with interesting, unique billboard.

His signs along Interstate 26 displays pictures of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. The question, “Moving to Canada?” along with the accompanying phrase, “We can sell your home,” was placed on the billboard.

“We do a lot of billboard’s that are funny, but this is the first time we’ve done something with a political spin,” Cook said, according to FOX 46 Charlotte. “What we wanted to do was create something bipartisan that people could laugh about.”

There are eight signs that Cook has created, and each sign has attracted attention. However, attention isn’t the only goal; he understand that for some the election isn’t a laughing matter.

“A small percentage of people have called in upset, but overall people seem to be getting a laugh. It’ been amazing,” said Cook communicated to FOX 46 business was on the incline. “It’s not so much people wanting to move to Canada as it is people just wanting to sell or buy a new home.”

Jeff Cook’s picture of the sign, which was featured on his Jeff Cook Real Estate Facebook page, was shared more than 9,000.