What to do in Charleston

We know that Charleston is the friendliest city in the country.  But what else does this place have to offer?

Quite a lot actually.  No matter where you came from in the United States it is likely you’ll find something to love about Charleston.  A recent Huffington Post article talked about some of the best places for you to visit while in the city.

davidmantek_whattodoKnown for its food, Charleston evinces some of the best dishes in the country.  The south is plentiful with fantastic ingredients and more and more the chefs of Charleston are putting those fresh finds on the plate in a delicious way.

The article suggests to swing on over to Butcher and Bee when you’re in the city to get a hold of a double cheeseburger that is to die for.  Butcher and Bee has all of the classics you could expect but they are put out in a gourmet fashion and the results are amazing.  Also on the menu you’ll find fried chicken, another southern staple, sausages and Carolina Trout among others.

After loading up at Butcher and Bee, why not find a place to take a rest and maybe curl up with a good book while you’re at it?  Head on over to Blue Bicycle Books, a boutique book store that the article states is a place, “will make you wish every day was a rainy one so you could explore the store for hours and curl up in a comfy chair.”

If books aren’t your thing why not check out some of the city’s shops?  Some recommendations would be Library by Lauren Lail where you can find vintage pieces with a modern spin.  Or you could head to Dandy for a similar style complete with a custom styled head piece.

As previously mentioned, there is something for everyone in Charleston and you don’t even have to look very hard to find it.